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helping inspire authentic connection and renewing the  joy of intimacy

About The  Art   of Relating

couples therapy in Los Gatos CAThe Art of Relating is about learning, practicing and integrating skills of intentionality in your committed relationship.  Broadly speaking, couples learn to listen with curiosity, warmth, and without judgment.  They learn to share their thoughts and feelings with presence, compassion, and an inquisitive spirit, both for their partner who is listening and for themselves as they are speaking.

When both listening and speaking are done well, partners feel seen, heard, understood and honored.  In that space, the unexpected happens; solutions are often found and, most importantly, a deeper connection and greater compassion occur, leading to more satisfaction and pleasure.

Couples learn to reintegrate fun into their relationship as well!  Researcher John Gottman found that a relationship is in balance when there is a ratio of five positive experiences to every one negative.  With The Art of Relating, couples gain skills for bringing their relationship into a beneficial balance between work and FUN.

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